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Meet our Instructors
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Kassey Hiltz


I was a competitive dancer from childhood all the way through college.  Dance had a profound impact not only on my life, but on my body -- achy, over worked joints, pulled ligaments, weakened knees and ankles to name a few.  I discovered Pilates many years ago as a means to mend a few of my past injuries and immediately fell in love with all of its wonderful benefits for balancing the mind and body!  When the opportunity to own a studio and hone my practice presented itself, I jumped at the chance.  Now, I have the ability to help all ages achieve strength, length and enjoy their personal fitness journey in a boutique studio setting.  I strive to listen, look and learn what each client wants and needs to provide the ultimate Pilates class!   

Time away from the studio is spent with my husband, son and our sweet sheepadoodle.  Together, we enjoy spending time with friends and family, entertaining in our home and traveling to one of our cherished destinations... Sea Island, Georgia.

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Julie Isphording

As an Olympic runner, Julie Isphording has been one of the fastest and most famous marathon runners in women’s history. Her landmark race was the inaugural Olympic Marathon Trials in 1984, where this pioneer captured a spot on the United States Olympic team. At the same time, Julie captured the hearts of America with her heartfelt, joyous smile as she crossed the finish line. Julie has won hundreds of races around the world including the Los Angeles Marathon and the Columbus Marathon. She has been an award-winning NPR radio host and television reporter. Currently, she is a keynote speaker, business consultant, author, and race director of the Western & Southern Thanksgiving Day 10k—one of the largest and oldest races in the country—right here in Cincinnati. However, if you ask her what really matters? It’s teaching Pilates and yoga every day. The beautiful practice has brought so much joy to people of every age and ability; and has personally helped her recover from several career-ending back surgeries. And just for fun, she still runs, drinks UDF milkshakes, and takes her dad out for dinner every Friday night. Julie has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and LA Times. Some of her awards include the Girl Scouts Woman of Distinction, Xavier University Sports Hall of Fame, Healthcare Hero Award, and Business Leaders under Forty.

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Courtney Ziegelmeyer 

I am from Northern Kentucky and recently graduated from the University of Michigan. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the School of Music, Theater & Dance as well as a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from the School of Kinesiology. I have studied and taught a wide variety of movement techniques, including dance and somatic practices along with using this knowledge base for teaching Pilates.  I am a first-year member of Mutual Dance Theatre’s company, as a principal dancer.  I am eager to share my passion for movement and the musculoskeletal system through Pilates and helping my clients watch their bodies change through the art of movement and Pilates.

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