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Connect Your Mind and Body

Training Coreters Mission Statement:

We connect your mind and body through the Pilates method of exercise. Our staff of certified, skilled instructors will help you celebrate the art of mindful movement while providing you with a challenging and rewarding Pilates experience. We believe in partnering with you to help change the way you move and gain a more mindful awareness of how your body works, while helping to achieve your personal fitness goals.


"I love your studio and approach to Pilates because it is so encouraging. The instructors, time and time again, have demonstrated that whatever physical challenges one might have, Pilates can accommodate those individual needs..." 

- Jane


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"I’m so glad to have found Pilates - and especially Training Coreters! I have been a runner for years but started Pilates 4 months ago - and the Pilates work has helped me to stay injury-free, and I am also running faster times than ever!.." 

- Stacy

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"They know their stuff! I have tried Pilates before and have not had success with it..." 

- JoAnne

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