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"I love your studio and approach to Pilates because it is so encouraging. The instructors, time and time again, have demonstrated that whatever physical challenge one might have, Pilates can accommodate each individual need.


The hardest part of having so many joints and vertebrae replaced was adjusting to my new body.  I would feel isolated because I could not do what I use to do.  I tried different classes and yoga but did not feel it was right for my body.  Since I started coming to your studio I felt confident that you knew how I could get the most from the class.  I always feel better, more balanced and stronger than before class.


You make it fun and welcome everyone.  I wish more people would try your studio because it is not a cookie cutter approach to Pilates.  Plus it is fun and we laugh!  Thanks for all you have done for this 69 1/2 year old who has more titanium body parts than anyone else I have met."

- Jane

"I’m so glad to have found Pilates - and especially Training Coreters! I have been a runner for years but started Pilates 4 months ago - and the Pilates work has helped me to stay injury-free, and I am also running faster times than ever! The teachers at Training Coreters are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful - Pilates is now a staple in my workout regimen - and I am forever grateful for finding this studio!"

- Stacy

"They know their stuff! I have tried Pilates before and have not had success with it. The instructors understand how to work around injuries and it has really been so beneficial for me. It makes a big difference for how I feel physically. I had to miss a month due to the holidays and I really noticed a difference. Happy to be back at it."

- JoAnne

"The Pilates sessions at Training Coreters have increased my range of motion and flexibility. I'm an avid tennis player and had some lower back pain from tight hamstrings. Pilates has helped to reduce the pain and improve my range of motion. The instructors are very knowledgeable and lead interesting classes, no two classes are the same. Really happy I added Pilates to my exercise schedule."

- DeAnn

"I am so very happy to have found Training Coreters Pilates Studio!! After moving to Cincinnati almost 2 year’s ago, and actively attending a studio in NJ with a fabulous instructor, I am pleased to find a group of wonderful trainers with excellent expertise. The studio is very equipped with all of the state of the art Pilates equipment. It is located in the most adorable little town of Mariemont. The instructors really prepare their routines with their clients in mind. They are mindful of each individuals strengths and weaknesses therefore guiding each class to make it the best for everyone!
Thank you to Dottie especially for doing such a great job and for maintaining such a wonderful studio for us all..."

- Grace

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